Presentaciones y Videos

Optimizing your Logistic Processes

Verónica Piñón Aburto, Global Logistics Consultant with Eli Lilly, discusses logistical challenges, the importance of collaboration with logistic service providers, how to optimize distribution processes, ensure sustainable benefits and lessons learned in this presentation.

Cold Chain in Argentina & Latin America

Federico Montes de Oca, President of SAFYBI, shared this presentation in Spanish at last year's Summit.

The cold chain for temperature sensitive drugs - Quality, Safety & Efficacy

Nereida I. Quintero de Velasco, Pharmacist/QA/MBA, President of the Collegio Nacional de Farmaceuticos at Colegio Nacional de Farmaceuticos, shares the key elements for meeting the cold chain: the human resource, the technical resource and the financial resource.

Developing Quality Processes for Validating Your Transportation Routes and Packaging

Yamileth Cano of Sanofi Quality Processes LatAm, lists the quality standards, the main changes to EU GDP, transport quality requirements, GDP in the supply chain and the main issues in the cold chain, and more in this past presentation.